pinkEpromise Breast Cancer Awareness Review + Giveaway

No one in my family that I know of has suffered from breast cancer but I know a few people whose mother has. One lost her mother at a young age and my best friends mother is a survivor. While I have not experienced cancer, I have experienced a life-threatening illness and had to have surgery at the age of 7 which saved my life.

At the age of 20 I gave birth to my first son who was born with health issues and for the first 2 weeks of his life was in the NICU. Ive experienced the uncertainty that is faced in the hospital experience. I am grateful for the good health of my children and myself. I am grateful that we are home and healthy. It is these experiences which drive me to help others who are ill and in need of help and healing. Because even though those experiences are over for me others are still fighting. ♥

Meet Blair and Mimi!

Blair is a survivor with an eye for art and Mimi has an eye for a great bargain. Together these two gals are on a mission.

What is Blairs and Mimis mission?
To provide breast cancer patients with holistic treatments offered by HCF including yoga, massage, therapeutic touch, guided imagery, and many other therapies. A portion of your purchase at PinkEPromise is donated to the Healing Consciousness Foundation to help fund the holistic treatments for breast cancer patients. To read more about Blair and Mimi on their about us page.

I received 2 chevron scarves, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, multipurpose cable clips and a bag with my last name embroidered on the side!


These scares are stylish and comfortable perfect for the fall weather weve been having here in Texas. It has finally cooled off somewhat which is not only a great relief but also means I get to break out my fall weather wardrobe to wear with these cute scarves. I just love scarves, leggings and cardigans! What do you think about the scarves?

I can certainly make use of these multipurpose cable clips. I dont know why it never occurred to me that I needed them. Its an easy way to keep track of USB wires (because you just cant charge your phone or tablet without one, ya know?!)

I just so happened to be wearing the perfect nail polish when I received these items and tried them on. I think they go well together. Which is great because my favorite bracelet in my jewelry collection and my favorite nail polish in my jewelry collection match! I do believe the bracelet is wire jewelry something Id really like to get into one day if nothing more than just for fun. As you can see, the bracelet is adjustable and can fit a smaller and wider wrist. :)

Ahhh! These are so sparkly and gorgeous!For those of you who are leery of drop/dangle earrings, these are small and light weight. My ears are quite sensitive (most earrings make my ears itch) so I am very picky when it comes to earrings, but these were comfortable.

With two young kids you can never carry around enough stuff so Ill be using this nice bag as a diaper bag. Diapers, wipes, extra sets of clothes, snacks, and the list goes on. Ill be honest in saying that Ive already gone through quite a few diaper bags. This bag is made out of thick material and seems quite durable. My name is in a beautiful turquoise. (I can also see myself using this for working out at the gym and yoga classes if I ever find the time to enroll in them!)