JeanStPaul Shampoo Conditioner #Review

Immediately upon opening my package I smelled the lovely scent of JeanStPaul Shampoo & Conditioner. I couldnt wait to try them out! The ends of my hair tend to be frizzy and wavy while my roots tend to be flat and lifeless. I am impressed by how much my hair has improved by using Jean St. Paul my hair is softer and smoother but bouncy; not flat! *Phew*

The Hair, Skin, & Nails supplements have been helping. I already see a different in my nails. My hair is always slow to grow, but it will take a bit longer than a week I think to see any improvement in the rate at which my hair grows. With the combination of the shampoo, conditioner, and supplements, I do think the condition of my hair has improved. The supplements are a bit on the large size, but theyre not gel pills so theyre easy enough for me. (I dont like gel pills.)

You can follow JeanStPaul on Twitter: @jeanstpbeauty and Instagram: @jeanstpaul_beauty.

I dare you to check out their Instagram and look at all their lovely photos. I just love all the different braids on their Instagram, especially this hairstyle! I can not wait for my hair to grow long enough for that braided hairstyle! Im going to practice my new JeanStPaul hair routine religiously!