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Green Kid Craft Review Giveaway

Green Kid Craft

Each box comes fun-filled with educational and eco-friendly activities for ages 3-10.

We received the November box which I feel encourages children to explore color and patterns.


Here is the Mosaic Coaster, completed. So far, the coaster was the most fun for my toddler. I think the crafts were quite fun and cute, but it required a bit too much for my toddler, so we didnt complete all the activities. I still think the box is worth trying out, my toddler just isnt that crafty (yet, I hope. Haha. I enjoy crafts). He can do more simpler crafts, but he is still in that phase where he likes to tear things up instead of make things.


The boxes for December, January, and February look like a lot of fun. My son is really into animals so I think hed love the January and February boxes. Ive also noticed that Green Kid Crafts has a box no other childrens subscription service has (that I know of). If you have more than one child, you can subscribe to a monthly sibling box instead of having to buy two separate boxes. It costs more than the regular subscription (about $10 more) but still saves you from having to buy two subscriptions.