DiscountWatchStore Review

Ill be honest; I was close to selfishly picking out these lovely designer sunglasses from DiscountWatchStore. If you were to buy these sunglasses elsewhere, youd pay at least twice that! Instead, I decided to pick out a little gift for my mom and step-dad. Its not much but its the least I could do considering all theyve done for me.

Unfortunately the Zippo I picked out is currently not available to purchase, but thats not surprising. Who doesnt like SOA? :) No need to fret though, if youre shopping for a SOA fan there are still other SOA Zippos. Just not this particular one.

I was actually a bit unsure about whether or not these Zippos would be a good buy. Im not a smoker and I dont collect Zippos either so I had no clue what to look for especially when having to make my decision based on a picture on my computer screen. After opening the package and looking at the Zippo in person I am very happy and very impressed. I dont really know why I was so worried after all, Zippo is a NAME BRAND. You dont call every lighter a Zippo! Zippo is guaranteed quality!

I couldnt take a photo of the gift for my mom because I didnt want to open it and take it out so Ill have to use a stock image of the watch I picked out for her.

To back up DiscountWatchStores shipping claims, I ordered these three items on Nov 20th and received them on Nov 26th! Another thing about shipping you should know is that offers free 2nd Day Air shipping for orders over $150! With fast shipping and great prices, is definitely youre go-to online store for holiday shopping!

Ill be shopping at again, sometime in the future. Perhaps Ill finally order those Michael Kors sunglasses!