15 Uses of Aquaphor For Baby AND You!

My go-to diaper rash cream is Aquaphor; I didnt know it had other uses as well! Read this list to see if theres anything you didnt know it was used for!



  1. Protects your skin and helps to heal minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
  2. Soothes red, irritated skin due to dry, cold air.
  3. Soothes and protects dry, chapped and cracked skin and helps prevent it in the first place.
  4. Relieves diaper rash in as little as 6 hours or used to prevent diaper rash in the first place.
  5. Soothes red, irritated noses and cheeks resulting from a cold or drool rash.
  6. Cradle cap. Yes, I said it. Cradle cap!
  7. The properties in Aquaphor that make it great for use on your babys cradle cap is what makes it good for using on dry scaly skin such as your elbows, knees, and soles of your feet.
  8. During pregnancy, spread on stomach, thighs, or anywhere else that stretch marks are prone to occur.
  9. After pregnancy, use to help heal and smooth out stretch marks.
  10. If youre breastfeeding, use Aquaphor whenever you suffer from dry cracked nipples. (Many women use lanolin. Aquaphor, although not entirely made out of lanolin, looks and feels like lanolin, has the same uses AND more, and costs less than most bottles of lanolin.)
  11. Put some Aquaphor around your nails before painting them to get that perfect, manicured look! Its also great for your cuticles!
  12. Use around your hairline when dying your hair to avoid getting the dye on your skin.
  13. Use on sunburn to help heal and soothe your skin.
  14. Aquaphor is also a good moisturizer for you hands and face not daily, and use it before bed so you can wash your hands and face in the morning.
  15. Aquaphor can be used as an under-eye creme during nighttime.