Wedding Dresses that Dazzle

Here are two looks Ive put together! I love these dresses, theyre so simple, elegant, and chic. I cant decide if I like the off whiteChance to Enchant dress with the fashion statement on the waist or if I like the white Layer of Dove dress which strikes me as a slightly more modest version of the… Read More Wedding Dresses that Dazzle


HumbleChic NY Black Friday Deals

HumbleChic NY is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Im really into bright patterns, lacy blouses, long trendy dresses to wear with leggings (because I love leggings too), scarves, kimonos, cardigans, and basically layered looks. HumbleChic has all of the above! Today is Black Friday and I can not wait to share HumbleChics deals with you!… Read More HumbleChic NY Black Friday Deals


DiscountWatchStore Review

Ill be honest; I was close to selfishly picking out these lovely designer sunglasses from DiscountWatchStore. If you were to buy these sunglasses elsewhere, youd pay at least twice that! Instead, I decided to pick out a little gift for my mom and step-dad. Its not much but its the least I could do considering all… Read More DiscountWatchStore Review